Preventing Avoidable Infectious Complications by Adjusting Payment

Your Involvement

We are asking hospitals that participate in NHSN to join our research study. This study will allow us to understand the serial impact of CMS payment policies on hospitals and patients, so that we can help future decision-making by policy makers.

This study will take 15-20 minutes of your time, and we will share our findings with you
on a regular basis.

The study involves sharing data that you already contribute to NHSN with our project’s NHSN Group called PAICAP. We do not need any patient identifiers for this study. No new data collection is required. Your time commitment would be limited to 15-20 minutes in total to join the PAICAP NHSN group and to confirm the types of infection and denominator data you are willing share with us.

Facilities participating in the original project and members of the PAICAP NHSN User Group need only to review and confer rights to the new template when you next log in to NHSN to continue participation. Please email the project team if you have any questions and we will provide step-by-step instructions.

Throughout this multi-year project, we will provide all participants with annual updates of our findings, and in between as requested by our members.

We are committed to protecting confidentiality.

We are taking multiple steps to protect your data. Hospitals that join our group will NOT be able to see data from other hospitals in the PAICAP group. Your hospital data will only be visible to PAICAP NHSN User Group administrators. We will only present data in aggregate and your hospital will NOT be identified in any presentations or publications unless you ask us to specifically identify you. You will have the opportunity to give permission for your facility to be named in the acknowledgments for publications that included your data; we will contact facilities directly to request permission.

You will have the opportunity to choose which data you want to share with us, and we will not accept any patient identifiers. We will utilize the Group feature of NHSN for accessing only those data you choose to share with us in order to create a study database. Additionally, risks to confidentiality will be minimized by the use of password-protected computers and databases secured behind multiple firewalls. Databases will be accessible only to approved project staff and the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute Institutional Review Board. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of hospitals participating in this study. Information which would permit identification of any hospital will not be disclosed or released to any outside entity without the prior consent of the institution, unless required by law.

My Participation

To participate in the study please complete the form below. You may also complete the form to request additional information about the PAICAP project. We are happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with additional information so that you feel comfortable participating in this important research.

  • if you are affiliated with more than 1 hospital please submit the contact information for your main location

  • Once you have expressed your interest, we will follow up with a few questions to determine your eligibility and provide you with:
    • Detailed instructions on how to join our NHSN Group
    • A list of the specific data elements we are collecting and how we will incorporate the data into our project